Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul stays unawakend All for the animals !

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Frequently asked questions

This is one of our resent rescues. He simply became unwanted. He seems in good health, is about 2-3 years old. He is very scared of humans, has clearly not been handled. He is slowly getting used to us. When let him out of his cage, he runs around non stop, does not stand still for a moment. He is in need of a name. Should you like to name him, send us a mail (see contacts page). If your name is unique and not already used for one of our other animals, you get to name him.    

A twist in the tale of Eddy!!

This beardie came to us with his cage. His cage was in such a rotten state, we could not restore it, and had to dump it. The beardie was very dark in colour like a charcoal grey. Beardies change colour to temperature, their moods and I believe even to communicate. This beardie can not change colour at all. In his cage he had a normal florescent light in stead of the correct UVB light. We believe his entire skin is burnt, just as our skin would burn if we were out in full sun all day, every day with no protection. Judging by his reactions, when we treat with vitamin E oil, we do know that his skin is sore. Initially he seemed ok, and he ate. But with time he still lost more weight rather than recover. It seems due to his damaged skin he can not produce vitamin D which is essential to absorb Calcium which in return is crucial for all his bodily functions, including the ability to absorb nutrients from his food. His previous owners claim that he is very old, but judging by his teeth, he still has a number of years ahead. He is currently in hospital and the vets are doing their very best to save his life. He needs to be a brave dragon to get through this so we have decided to name him BraveHeart.

If you have read our SaveMe success stories, you will have read the story of Eddy. As it is extremely rare for monitor lizards to develop polyps (growths) in their intestines, we have no idea what caused it and if it would ever reoccur. Eddy’s appetite has decreased lately. But we did not think much of it as we were going thru a spell of cold weather and most of our animals were not their normal active self. But then we realized Eddy (who can not afford to lose weight) was loosing weight.

X-rays revealed that Eddy is in fact more of an Edith or Elizabeth . . . . Even though there is no male in sight for her, she is developing follicles (eggs). This process is absorbing the nutrients (mostly calcium) from her body. Causing her to feel unwell resulting in her loss of appetite. (Lizard with PMS) Wether she will absorb the unfertilised eggs back into her body or wether they will continue to develop and she will lay them, we do not yet know. Either way she is not in a healthy enough state to go thru this process. We coax her to eat at least two Easy Feed meat balls with additional calcium every day. If she refuses this, then we beat a raw egg, add egg shell calcium and syringe feed it to her. Next week she will go for another x-ray to see what the development is. In the meantime we have decided to call her Edlin.

Update: 05/04/2014

Edlin went for her “check-up” x-ray. It seems the eggs have been re-absorbed back into her body. She seems a much happier lizard too now. She is eating normal again and is walking around the room again as she did before. She is also steadily picking up weight!  So all seems back to normal.

Update: 05/04/2014

Sadly BraveHeart did not make it, he died at the vets on Thursday night (03/03/2014) after a stay at the vets of almost 4 weeks. We desperately wanted him to pull through, but . . . . . Rest in peace my boy, no more suffering for you. Say hello to Draco and all the others . . . .

SaveMe - our animal stories and updates.

Hello all

We (SaveMe) have been invited to take part at the Walkerville Agricultural Show

You are welcome to come meet us there!!!


Walkerville was FANTASTIC !!!! We want to move to Walkerville, what an amazing crowd of people!!!

We are waiting to receive some photo’s, will post them here as soon as we get them.

Thank you to Wits University for inviting us!

We had a wonderful time and met some wonderful people.

Its always nice to meet people who have an interest in animals and who care.

Its also amazing to see children finding our “not so sweet” animals adorable and seeing them hold and hug a lizard or a snake.

Hope to see you all again soon!!!

More photos to follow

Check it out!!!!! We have a video clip on you tube!!

Normally a fox would eat a lizard, and not eat WITH a lizard!!!


We have also uploaded our happy fox playing on the bed with his favourite toy.


Meet SaveMe's newest member. This little tortoise was mauled by a dog. Its a small tortoise, too young still to tell the sex. It came to us, covered in blood. the shell has been chewed, the front leg completely eaten off, a piece of bone sticking out. We rushed it off to our vet, who came to our aid, even though it was after hours. The tortoise was first treated for pain, then once he/she was stable a few days later, it was into surgery. A week later the little one came home. Our vet said to give it some time before we will start planning a prosthesis. We have decide to call him Stompie. Stompie is doing well, moving very little, but eating and seems comfortable. He does not seem panicky and even enjoys a head scratch. Currently we are treating his shell with vitamin E oil. Thanks again to Dr Shabeer for yet another brilliant job!

Kito being watched by Leo the Chinese Crested dog.

A new member, a black king snake, we call her Rose

Our Green Tree Python Kei is turning blue!

A cuddle from Eddy

Kha (like the snake in jungle book) a green tree python, was ill. He had an upper respitory infection. I was taught to give him his antibiotic injections. (one every other day) The course of injections were completed and we both survived. He was actually a brilliantly behaved snake, did not try bite or even hiss once when injected. Even though he seems to have recovered from his "cold" completely, he is still being cept in a separate cage where the heat is elevated and the humidity very high.

Meet Riddick, he is our newest member of the beardie clan. He has severe MBD (metabolic bone disease) and one of the worst vitamin A deficiencies I have ever seen. This animal's entire bone structure is deformed. His jaw is so soft, he can not eat at all. Needless to say he can not walk either. He was dangerously skinny. It also looks as if his tail (near the vent area) is broken which makes "going potty" difficult for him. But after 2 months with us, his condition stable  recovering nicely. He is graduly picking up weight. As it is difficult for him to swallow purity, I am giving him bearded dragon pellets - dry and then water with a syringe, this seems to be working quite well. He will never become a strong healthy normal beardie, his bones are far too badly deformed, but hopefully he will become strong enough to shuffle (instead of walk) and to eat on his own. I find it amazing that this animal has survived - who knows what he was living on.

We are completely in love with Stompie!

Keep visiting our web-site, we are soon going to add care sheets to our web site. The first Animal we will discuss is the Chinese Water Dragon, on request from Canada!

Sorry no care sheets yet, we have just been so busy with Expo’s and running the rescue centre, and answering emails. But we still going to do the care sheets.

We were having problems with our service provider and had to change to a different one. Our previous provider did not want to release our “Oxpecker3” domain name. We were forced to change the name to “savemerescue” Unfortunatly this took some time and during that time we were unable to update this page. However to come to speed with the happenings, please visit our facebook page

      SaveMe Reptile Rescue Center


We are excited to be taking part in the SOS Reptile expo. Please come visit us.

Good Bye Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot was with us for close on two months. When he first got him he was very dark, a sign of either not well or unhappiness in a bearded dragon. He was thin but looked nothing to be life threatening. So we gave him good food and a lot of attention. He was doing VERY well and picked up weight fast. He seemed only happy when he was outside or on your shoulder.

Then as I was collecting all the dragons from their sunny spots, into their cages for the night, one by one . . . . Sir Lancelot was the last and as I picked him up he was black and gulped for air. I did everything the years of experience taught me and sat with him all night. Raced to the vet first thing in the morning. He went from fine to life threatening in an instance.

He died costing us more than a pretty penny to say the least. The vets can only speculate why he died, could have been a heart attack or blood clot in the lung . . . .  We just don’t know.

Every single animal that goes through my hands, no matter how long or short the time with us, I cry for them. They are innocent animals who do not commit crimes yet pay with their lives because we neglect them and say “oh, it’s just an animal”.  Count their fingers and toes, there are five of each just like ours. They have one heart, two lungs and two kidneys, just like us humans. If they get hurt they feel the pain, their blood is red just like ours. Cold blooded and heartless???? How long would you or I last in a freezing cold place with no clothing?

Have you ever looked in a humans eyes while they are dying? Have you ever looked into the eyes of an animal while it is dying? Have you ever held a kitten in your hands screaming in pain and agony while it is dying and there is nothing you can do to save it. Have you held a lizard, gasping for air until he breaths no more.

What is it that leaves the animal’s body when there is no more life in it?? . . . . .  All I can say is when my time comes and my animals are not on the other side  . . . I don’t want to go there.

Please people, if you no longer can or want to care for your animal, no matter what the reason, please give the animal to someone who does want it. Or give it to a rescue centre who will rehome it. Do not wait till the animal is skinny and weak. Remember animals are part of your family, they are not an investment to be resold! If you loved it enough to buy it in the first place then love it enough to do the right thing.

The animals we win and rehome, they don’t get stuck in our minds, they move on to live happy lives, but the ones who die in our hands, are burned into our memories. Sir Lancelot you will remain in our hearts along with all the other animals.