Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul stays unawakend All for the animals !

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All for the animals : Reptile Rescue, Easy Feed, Demo’s, Boarding

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Frequently asked questions

From the ashes of a broken heart, comes the true love of ours.

Receive you multi coloured glass bead bracelet, as our gratitude for your donation of R10.

The multi colours represent variety. Variety of animals needing recusing. Variety in the different species, of animals and life on our planet.

The blue beads represent our plants precious depleting ozone layer, a reminder that we each need to bring our bit in trying to preserve that. One way we can to this is by planting trees, and not chopping any trees down especially our big ones.

Green beads represent our green plant. We need to save and protect our fauna and flora as much as we can. A dead planet cannot house or sustain humans.  

Red represents the danger of our endangered animals going extinct. There are so many animals on the endangered list, in our day to day lives we are not even aware of how many animals are on the verge of extinction. Whichever way you see it, whatever it is you believe in, be it evolution or Genesis’ Adam and Eve, the fact remains that animals were on the plant before humans . . . please give these animals a thought, and think twice before you kill a snake, toad, bat or any other animal. Red can also represent fire, veld fires kill many small animals every year. Please think about this before you throw a burning cigarette butt out your car window, or leave a camp site with a hot braai fire.

The see thru glass beads represent our clear waters. Or at least the fact that our drinking water should be perfectly clear. Let’s give our drinking water some thought, and think about our the rivers and dams, from where our drinking water comes from, take care not to add to the pollution that already threatens these areas.

The gold / crystal/ paterned bead, represents how precious planet Earth is with all its inhabitants, including the humans . . . This single different bead also simbolizes that there is only one plant earth.

Your bracelet is as unique as you are. The colours are random and can have their own personal meaning to you, find your favourite colour. And remember directly or indirectly we can all contribute to the conservation of our planet and live on it. Don’t waste, don’t pollute, don’t kill or destroy. Recycle as much as you can. You will long be gone but your trash will still be here.

SaveMe is a non-profitable organisation. We go to whatever lengths necessary to save an animal. We also enjoy helping and teaching people how to take care of their exotic pets. We take pride in exposing the general public to these wonderful creatures, thru demo’s .

As we do not have the power (yet) to get involved in legal battles, we often simply make an offer in order to buy a neglected or abused animal. With larger animals such as dogs and cats it’s easier and the SPCA gets involved, but reptiles’ can easily falls through the cracks. Any funds or donations will go towards their medication, veterinary bills, feeding and housing. We build cages, and also restore old cages. Due to expansion we are also looking for suitable premises.

The animals of SaveMe thank you for contributing to their safety and well-being.

Support our reptiles by donating R10 for a beardie bead bracelet.