Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul stays unawakend All for the animals !

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Frequently asked questions

From the ashes of a broken heart, comes the true love of ours.

Sadly not all of our stories have happy endings. Unfortunately, sometimes after all the possible care, medication and all our efforts, we lose the battle and the animal dies. But we remember them all, however short their time with us. In the past we did not record the animals who have died, as very often they would be very sad photos and memories to keep. But recently, we now do take record, so that we can create more awareness.  When we receive an animal, it first goes to the vet. We establish all the issues that need treatment and medication. The animal gets quarantined and treated. Once the animal has shown signs of recovery we name the animal. We have never to date taken the decision to put an animal to sleep. I believe if the animal does not have the strength to continue, then it must go in peace on its own accord, most of the animals who have died, have done so in my hands . . . they have not been alone, which is also a comfort in a small way.  Here are some of our sad cases.

When we receive an animal, it first goes to the vet. We establish what is wrong with the animal, and it receives the appropriate treatment, whilst being kept in quarantine. As soon as the animal shows sign of improvement, he or she gets a name. We have many success stories, but unfortunately not all our stories have happy endings.  The following animals, even thou they did not get named, will not be forgotten. Over the years we have lost many animals. In the past i prefered not to make a rocord of them, as its very sad. However lately we are doing it, to create awareness with the public and children. Please if you have outgrown your pet or you dont want it any more for whatever reason, drop the animal of at a pet shop, or contact us befor the animal reaches the “point of no return’. Onece the animals organs have started shutting down, there is nothing we can can do but wait for it to die.

Hebi  was a lavender corn snake. He was riddled with parasites, and was on permanent medication for about 8 months.  He ate sausages and chicken pieces, we did not give him rodants as we were trying to prevent re-infections. Unfortunatly he died in Feb 2014