Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul stays unawakend All for the animals !

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Frequently asked questions

We are situated on the East Rand.

Our boarding facility is a homely environment. It would be your animals home, away from home. Or you could see it as sending your beloved pet on holiday.

On nice warm sunny days the animals take turns to spend some time in our out door cages. We treat the animals as if they were our own animals. As nobody knows the animal better than their owner, the owner's instructions will be followed as requested.

All animals will be handheld separately as if in semi quarantine to try our best to avoid the passing on of any possible disease.

We have cages available for boarding, but in some cases, owners may bring their own cages if they feel it may cause less stress to their pet.

As reptiles are all different and their needs different, the pricing would be different too. Pricing is per animal. If two animals are boarded in the same cage, the second may be negotiated for discount, however there is no difference in the feeding or caring for a second animal and therefore it can not be free. Boarding includes, housing (with necessary lighting, heating, bedding) and food. You only need to bring your pet.

Unfortunately our facilities are not large enough to board dogs and cats - yet - but we are working on it. We also do not have empty bird cages to facilitate larger pet birds - yet.

Please contact us for a quote and space availability.