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Carnivores Meat balls

Carnivores Gravy

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Egg Shell Calcium

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Advantages of Easy Feed

The food is clean and clear of any rodent faeces, urine or parasites, which your animals could possibly get from feeder rodents. Therefor the chances of your animal contracting related diseases or parasites are reduced. The food is made in a clean, cool, hygienic, safe environment. The food is very convenient, just thaw out and feed. The sausages do not go “off” as quickly as a feeder rodent does, under most reptile cage conditions, it may just dry out. It is fed raw, but you could also cook it if so preferred, for animals other than snakes.

Easy Feed is made using only all natural ingredients, this includes bone, and a certain amount of hair/feathers. Your animal will not need added calcium or additional nutrients.

No colorants, preservatives of flavorings have been added.

Ground mixed herbs

Over the years we have developed nutritious foods that made our lives easier. Often we have been asked “but why don't you sell it?”

And so here it is, we call it Easy Feed.

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Carnivores Sausages

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EasyFeed Beardie Mix


(subject to availability), approved by our exotics vet.

Bearded dragon pellets,

Freeze dried meal worms

Dried silkworm moths (when in season)

Freeze dried crickets / roaches (when available)

Dried veggies (carrot, beetroot, baby marrow, butternut,  beans, sweet potato, green peppers, turnips)

Dried leafy items (Kyle, celery, carrot tops, beetroot leaves, herb lettuce)

Dried flowers (roses, pansy's, nasturtiums, dandelion, hibiscus, carnation)  

Dried egg.

Calcium powder. (Eggshell calcium)