Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul stays unawakend All for the animals !

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All for the animals : Reptile Rescue, Easy Feed, Demo’s, Boarding

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Frequently asked questions

Over the years we have found homes for countless animals. Dogs, cats, birds and reptiles. We are fortunate enough to have kept  contact with most of our adoptee's. We are always willing to help and advise any person who receives an adopted animal form us. We have an agreement with all persons adopting an animal from us, that if the relationship with the animal does not work out for what ever reason, they bring it straight back to us. Some owners do not want to appear, nor want their pet to appear on our web - we respect this.

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Tom and Jerry

adopted by Jens

They live on a game farm on weekends.


Red tail boa adopted

By Lalie and Hannelie

Snowy adopted by Gloria and daughter Nelly


Yellow Anaconda with an attitude, adopted

By Lalie Gyorgyi,

We are told she is taming down very nicely.