Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul stays unawakend All for the animals !

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Frequently asked questions

Where are we situated?

We are on the East Rand. For the sake of the animals safety we do not publish our physical address. Contact us for further info. See our contacts page.

Do we do private Demo’s, and or birthday parties?

Yes we do. Needless to say the proceeds would go towards the upkeep of the animals.

We do birthdays parties with some different options, which include party packs, cakes and cool drinks. The theme and entertainment would then be the SaveMe rescue animals. We also have a fixed venue at Majestic Nursery, they have a Restaurant that caters for all occasions. The SaveMe rescue shop is located in this nursery.  

Do we give animals up for adoption?

Yes, if we have animals available for adoption, we will search for a good home for them. We do match the animal with the families. For example a moody iguana is no suitable for a family with small children.

What if I want to adopt one?

We do not give animals to people we have never met. If we have met, you will already have been told how to give us your details, in which case we will have it on record and you will be on a waiting list. Please keep in mind, we may get  an animal of your choice for adoption and we may not. Our animals are rescues and normally not in a good condition, so ideally we would prefer not to receive any rescues. Ideally owners should love and care for their animals for its entire life span.

If you no longer want your pet, or know of some one who has lost interest in their pet, please contact us. We will find the animal a happy deserving home. Please do not wait for the animal to become so ill that we can not save its life.

If we have not yet met, please watch our “stories and update” and come meet us at our next event.

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What are the adoption fees?

There are no adoption fees. We would never be able to “cover our costs” of the medical or special foods bill of a rescued animal. You are however more than welcome to make a donation. You can do this on our home page. Any donations will make a difference and will be greatly appreciated. Donations can be done anonymous.

Do you supply the cage set-up?

This question should not even be asked. If you are not prepared to purchase what the animal needs, then how are you going to care for it. Besides the fact, how would you suppose we would fund your requirements?

What is the adoption process?

Should we have an animal suited for you, we will contact you, and should you still be interested, we will tell you what the requirements are for the animal. Once you can prove you have the required set-up to house the animal, you may collect him/her.

You will be requested to fill in an adoption form and agree to the terms, of which one is, that no SaveMe animal is allowed to be used for breeding purposes, they are most likely, in any case, in no shape suitable for breeding.

Two months later you are required to bring the animal back, for a quick medical check-up, after that you are on your own. Keeping in mind we are always available for help and advice.