Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul stays unawakend All for the animals !

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All for the animals : Reptile Rescue, Easy Feed, Demo’s, Boarding

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Frequently asked questions

SaveMe - questions and answers

SaveMe Reptile and Exotic’s Rescue

At Majestic place in Germiston

Run out of ideas for kiddies birthdays? Why not let the animals of SaveMe rescue centre educate your little ones. They will get to interact with some amazing animals, while being educated at the same time. We supply the venue, the entertainment, and party packs – you just bring the kids, at a very affordable rate.

Our animals include:

Snakes: corn snake, ball python, hog nosed, red tail boa., King snake.

Lizards: iguana, bearded dragon, crested gecko, chameleon, leopard gecko, monitor lizard, tegu lizard.

Hedge hogs and Tenrecs

And Ratatouille, our friendly adorable rat, saved from becoming snake food.

SaveMe Rescue Animals

Should you choose the SaveMe rescue animals to entertain your children, you would be supporting the SaveMe Reptile and Exotics Centre. The majority of the funds will go towards housing, feeding and medicating the animals who reside at the rescue centre.

The advantage of using the rescued animals: most of these animals come to us in a horrific state, neglected and/or abused and most often very ill. As a result we have to hand treat these animals, we have to medicate, bandage, force feed, bath, clean wounds, put ointments on . . . Often the treatment takes quite some time. Because we have to handle these animals daily, they become completely tame. And this makes for ideal interaction with children. Besides most of our animals are already so used to being handled - they actually enjoy it!

We teach the children about the animals at hand, how to treat animals, and how to take care of their own pets. We teach them how to act when coming across animals, how to prevent getting bitten in general. How to respect animals, and to appreciate and preserve our fragile planet. We take pride in teaching children not to be fearful of snakes, but to see them for the beautiful creatures that they are.

We do not allow the children to feed the animals. Human hands are then associated with food and can motivate biting, as the animals may think the are getting fed.

None of our demo’s are planned as a presentation. We let the children take the lead, we let them ask the questions and teach them what they want to know. Its what makes each session different and interesting.

For more information, or bookings, please email us