Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul stays unawakend All for the animals !

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All for the animals : Reptile Rescue, Easy Feed, Demo’s, Boarding

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Frequently asked questions

SaveMe Reptile and Exotics Rescue

Brings you a new exciting event annually!!

The reptile convention, come see

and experience the excitement of

Reptiles and other animals!

The Annual Reptile Convention and Expo

Hosted by

SaveMe Reptile and Exotics Rescue

September 2018

Welcome to all the exhibitors. Thank you to Majestic Place for allowing the venue to be used. We hope this expo turns out to be beneficial to all, especially the animals, by way of education, awareness and conservation and open mindedness of the public. We hope to reach as much of the public as possible, now and in the future. Working towards changing the general feelings, towards the misconstrued beliefs of these so called evil creatures. As all reptile lovers know, reptiles have personality, feelings and even communication skills. They deserve the place on earth as much as any.

The Exhibitors

You may sell any legal animal (scorpions, spiders) or reptile, as well as any accessories and products relating to the hobby. You may freely advertise/promote your organization within your stand. Please respect the venue by leaving it as found, and clearing all waste. Each exhibitor will be supplied with a garbage bag. Should you require another, please ask. The expo will be open to the public Saturday 9am to 5pm and on Sunday 9am to 4pm

The Venue

The venue is in a tranquil area of Germiston, near the Rand Airport. There are many surrounding guest houses. The list can be requested. There are take away restaurants within walking distance of the venue. However the venue’s kitchen will also be offering a menu. The main hall will be locked at night, security cameras, and locked gates. There will also be an all-night security guard on duty. The under roof goods area will also be closed and secure. Plug points available. Bring own extensions. Venue is ground level for easy access. There will only be one entry/exit for security reasons.

Setting up

Set up will be from 9am to 9pm the Friday before. Floor Marshals shall be available should you require assistance.

Floor Marshals

They will be present and easily identified by their bright reflective jackets. They are volunteers who will help provide the expo to unfold smoothly without incidents. Please make use of them should you require any assistance, or have any complaints.

Even though all precautions are made, neither the Host (SaveMe reptile rescue), nor the Venue can be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage, to any persons or property of exhibitors or visitors.

 The Guest House List

African Elephant Guest house
31 Russell St, Lambton, Germiston, 1401
011 824 3743

Lions Rest
1401, 6 Anderson Ln, Klippoortjie AH, Germiston, 1401
011 824 4672

Summer Place Boutique Hotel
4 Sproule Ln, Klippoortjie AH, Germiston, 1401
011 824 4620

Royal Palms Guest Lodge
4 Morgan Rd, Webber, Germiston, 1401
065 844 2075

Rand Airport

Hurricane Road, Hangar 34, Germiston, 1401

083 340 6327