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Khakibos Spray or Dried as a Natural Insect Repellent

Khakibos (Tagetes Minuta) is a very pungent smelling plant. It is known to be a gentle, non-toxic yet effective method of controlling Flies, fleas and ticks.

Try  our dried Khakibos. We offer it dried in 30g packets. This can be used to brew a “tea” which can be placed in a spray bottle. This is then used to spray on animals as frequently as required to repel flies, fleas and ticks.  For a stronger solution, you can place the dried Khakibos in a small pot and boil it, mash the Khakibos and let cool down to let out more natural oils. Strain and pour into spray bottle.  Dip a soft cloth in this solution and wipe down snakes. We have had successful results spraying hedgehogs to remove mites.  Can also be used to rinse animals bedding.
Chemically based pet shampoos can aggravate an animal's skin. This natural product is much safer, even if it is sprayed on a dogs bleeding ears, it will not burn or hurt the dog. Also safe to use on kittens.
Spray around the cages of reptiles (or any other cage) to prevent ants entering the cage.
Use the dry product:-
Sprinkle around animals feeding area to keep ants away. Added to bedding or strewn in the house will deter insects including ants. Using the dried khakibos as potpourri can also help keep mosquitos away.

Diatomaceous Earth

100% natural

The safest way to get rid of pesky bugs

Mites, Fleas, Ticks,  on  - all animals including reptiles ie snake mites, mites on chickens . . .

Worms in all animals, cats, dogs even horses, cattle, fowl. . . Even humans.

Away with ants

Get rid of bedbugs

You can not overdose. Can be used externally as well as internal?

Soft food for birds

A general purpose highly nutritious soft food for the supplementation of protein and amino acids in most cage birds. This soft food is developed with many species in mind and can be used moistened as a base for home mixed soft food or can be fed as a moist crumble as part of a daily ration. This is excellent for addition of supplements such as spirulina, vitamins, minerals, caropyull, proteins and fats.


Rice, maize, soya, wheat amino acids, vegetable fats, taurine, betaine, vitamins and minerals.