Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul stays unawakend All for the animals !

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Frequently asked questions

Back ground

I have been rescuing animals all my life. Even as a child people would bring injured cats, dogs and birds to me. All my life I have been doing my best to rescue rehabilitate and rehome animals. The number of animals, I have rehomed over the years are countless.

I became a mechanical draughts person. This career has funded my passion to save as many animals as I possibly could.

One day I fell in love with a bearded dragon I named Draco. Draco was with me all the time, he went shopping, visiting friends, on holiday, to the bush. Draco died of old age at 10 years old, and I miss him every day. (See Draco)

Over time I have come to realise there is a need for reptiles and exotics to be rescued. There are many institutions who rescue cats and dogs. It’s also easier to find a cute kitty or puppy a home rather than a “scary” lizard or  a snake.

I rescue as many as I financially can. To date I have not turned an animal down. And to date I have covered all the cost (veterinary, cages, UV lights, infra-red lamps, heaters, foods, vitamin’s, calcium and so on), on my own. But I have now come to a point where I cannot fund this completely on my own any more, especially as there are so many animals in need. And have therefore decided to go public.

Over the years I have gained experience and knowledge which i want to share with others. Come and share this world of fascinating creatures with me.

It brings me great pleasure when I meet a person who “would never touch a snake” and ends up leaving with the thought that “its actually quite beautiful”. I want all people to understand that snakes are not evil. In fact they are vital to our eco system. More people die of rodent related diseases than snake bites.

Creatures great and small, we love them all!

Purpose of SaveMe rescue

To save and rehabilitate unwanted, abused and neglected animals.

 To rescue hurt animals, such as animals hit by cars, or attached by another animals, to rescue snakes who have found their way into people’s homes. Animals who are hurt due to felt fires or storms. Those with broken bones  and the little orphans . . .

To help people to care for their pets.

To find suitable homes for some rehabilateded animals.

To create awareness, and reduce fear of certain animals such as snakes.

To create a safe environment for boarding reptiles while their owners are away.

To allow the public to interact with animals, other than dogs and cats.

To hopefully visit special schools and homes with an animal as a form of  therapy.

To create a facility where pets can come for therapy (such as hydro therapy)

To create an online site where we can advise people on their pet selection, advise on proper care for their animals, advise when their pets are sick and should see a vet.

To put people in contact with each other, regarding the various types of animals.  Get teams together “who can help”

To get involved with the SPCA

To list vets who can treat exotics and reptiles, as well as emergency vets.

We are only human and may not know it all, but will always do our best to find the answers.

These are our goals to which we are striving. And are currently putting in place.

Article 04


A Special Thank you to Michael

Without your help, support and understanding, I would never have had the guts to tackle this mammoth task.

Together we share the joy of animals when they recover and thrive. Together we hang our heads with sadness and hold funerals for the ones who don't make it.

Thank you for helping financially. Thank you for your ever so patiently setting up and fixing cages, for making sure the lighting is correct and the temperatures are controlled.

Thank you so very much for your love and support!

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