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Frequently asked questions


Sausages are raw, frozen and strung into portions. They are available in small (cocktail sausage) and large (pork banger size). If desired they can be cooked slightly.


Whole chicken heads (minced) which includes the highly nutritious brain, a small amount of feathers; needed by carnivores as roughage. Chicken hearts, necks, liver, and chicken breast. A small amount of Eggshell calcium is added.

Suitable for:-

o Reptiles such as Snakes, monitor lizards, tegu’s, camen, basilisk, Chinese Water dragon. Other exotic carnivorous such as birds of prey (owls, falcon, and hawks), foxes, mere cats, cats, dogs, coati bears.

o See “the story of Eddy” from “SaveMe” rescues.


Easy Feed sausages have been tested on corn snakes, anaconda, Amazon tree python, ball python, king snakes, Drumarill Boa, Green tree python. Tegu and Bosc Monitors, and Fennec fox, domestic cats and coati bear.  


How to feed your snake sausages.

Chose a sausage close to the size of rodent. Thaw out to room temperature and offer to the snake in a bowl. In some cases the snake will take the sausage first time. It is common for corn snakes, king snakes and anacondas to take the sausages without any issues.

Should the snake not accept the sausage, try the following: Chose a sausage close to the size of rodent Take a smaller rodent to the normal size you would feed the snake. Offer both the rodent and sausage to the snake in a feeding bowl. With any luck the snake will eat both. If not repeat this procedure a few times.

Skipping one or two meals may also help, this will cause the snake to be hungry and take “what he gets”

Good luck!

Easy Feed

Nutritious, healthy and