Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul stays unawakend All for the animals !

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From the ashes of a broken heart, comes the true love of ours.

    SaveMe  Reptile and exotic’s rescue

Some Success stories

We cannot document all our success stories. There are simply too many. But sometimes we receive an animal in such bad shape; we don’t expect it to survive. Then, against all odds, they surprise us with a miracle, and end up thriving. Its these cases that make it all worth it, its these stories that we thrive on. It’s these, that make us wipe away our tears of sadness for the ones that don’t make it, and we do it all over again. It’s these that make our

hearts sing!



The first time I saw Lizzy I cried and just held her. I do not know what her past was about, but she came to me with rotten limbs. She was skinny, dehydrated and clustered with faeces. I believe that she, was probably left in her own faeces, which caused the rotting. She now only has one hind leg with a full foot and toes. Her entire front left leg rotted away. But she is now a healthy happy lizard who has been with us for about 3 years.  


Nessi was so thin and tiny, when we got her (10/2011), we weren’t even 100% sure that she was in fact a bearded dragon. She was covered in mud and had a rotten leg. She was extremely frightful. She was 7cm from nose to the end of her tail stump. And just look at me now!!

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Pretty Boy

This bird was dropped off at our door, looking really pathetic. There was very little hope for him, but with good food, attention and some tender care, he turned out to be an amazingly beautiful bird, who is most entertaining with his sounds and songs.

Nino out grew his owners and was kept in a bird cage outside. As he had no inter action with humans he became “wild”. Seems he hardly ever received food or water either. He bashed his nose into one big sore as he was trying to get out the cage to the grass for food. He had abscesses in some of his toes and feet, to the extent that one of his toes had to be amputated. He was extremely skinny and weight less. He had layers of old skin on which did not shed and was suffocating his skin. Iguanas sneeze out access salts and minerals. Nino’s nostrils were one big messed up sore, which became scabs. If the iguana cannot sneeze out the access salts and minerals, their kidneys will fail, and they will die. To our delight Nino’s face recovered and his nostrils healed, he could sneeze again. He is now a beautiful young male, but with an attitude! He does not trust humans (who can blame him?)  and therefore he has to be handled with great care. He already cost one of us 4 stitches on the hand.


Astrix  (06/20011)

Astrix was a tiny baby who had severe calcium deficiency. His bones were very soft, he had what is termed as “rubber jaw”. His jaw bones were so soft that he could not eat. He had no control of his tongue either, which constantly fell out of his mouth and just lay there. He had to get a series of calcium injections into his tiny little stomach. We had to force feed him which was very difficult. Very often he did not realize that it was food in his mouth and would simply spit it out. He was in and out of hospital countless times. Fortunately with time he slowly recovered. And today he is a strong lizard, who still struggles to eat. Monitors smell with their tongues just as snakes do. But Astrix does not have a flicking tongue (we don’t know where his tongue is), with the result being, he cannot smell his food, and therefore does not eat on his own. To this day we still need to “force” feed him. He will need special care for the rest of his life.

Unfortunately Astrix is also still prone to braking bones. At one point he had to be treated for a broken leg, which we have no idea how it happened. He attracted quite some attention with his bandaged leg against his body. It has completely healed now, and shows no signs that it was ever even broken. All objects have since been removed from his cage for his own safety.


Nugz has been with us for almost 4 years. He was a minute little beardie with severe metabolic bone disease. He also suffered from constipation due to his deformed hind legs-hip-tail section. After months of medication, special foods, enema’s and special treatment of warm baths, sun and exercises, he developed into a spunky young male. He has restricted movements due his deformed limbs, but stops at nothing and leads a perfectly normal life. Constantly chasing the girls.

Speed and SweetPea (April 2013)

Speed the size of a matchbox weighing 29grams and SweetPea even smaller weighing 23 grams, were dehydrated, their eyes shut and hardly any movement from them at all. Speed still had the umbilical cord stuck to him. At this point we cannot tell if they are male or female. They are doing fine, are gaining weight, but will stay in an “incubator” until they are a lot bigger. Their diet consists of a verity of grasses, herbs, flowers and different types of lettuce. Speed is constantly on the move day and night while SweetPea is far more relaxed.


Eddy is very dear to us. He was a pathetic bag of bones, who did not even have the strength to lift his body, let alone walk. He refused to eat. At first it seemed, he had parasites but it soon became very clear that his problems were far greater. X-rays showed an obstruction in his intestines. After trying every possible treatment to get his bowls moving, there was only one last choice. He needed to be operated. This was a huge risk, as he was far too weak, but without the operation he would die anyway. We decided to risk the operation. It took the vet half an hour to get Eddy to breathe again after the operation. It turns out that Eddy had growths (polyps) in his intestines, which thank fully were not cancerous. Eddy recovered fantastically. His diet will be closely watched for the remainder of his life. One of the foods that played a major role in his recovery was the Easy Feed Sausages. He is still going from strength to strength. It gives us great pleasure to take him on demo’s and introduce him to all. We occasionally take him to the vet who saved his life for a visit and show off how well he is doing.